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Bobcats & Cheer Team Host Champion Athletes

Feb 01, 2020

posed group picture of all in attendance taken from the track above the court
Champion Athletes, C of O Cheer Team, & Bobcats

Champion athletes shooting baskets with Bobcats retrieving the balls and cheering them on
Shooting baskets

Asst. Coach Sydney Paschke being chased in a round of Duck, Duck, Goose
Asst. Coach Sydney Paschke being chased in a round of Duck, Duck, Goose

Action shot of a Champion Athlete preparing to pass the ball, with several defenders around him, crowd in backgroung
Half-time Champion Athletes Scrimmage

Bright and early in the morning on the first of February, the Bobcat men's basketball team and the C of O Cheer Team hosted the Champion Athletes of the Ozarks from Springfield, Mo.  


The mission of the Champion Athletes organization is to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and everyday life skills to enhance the lives of children and adults with disabilities through education, sports competition, and new opportunities.


Throughout the morning, Champion Athletes were able to shoot around and participate in basketball skill drills with the Bobcats, be entertained by the cheer team, and play games together.  They closed out the morning by swapping signatures with their favorite Bobcats on the backs of their new t-shirts. 


After taking a break for lunch, the Champion Athletes attended the women’s and men’s basketball games, cheering both teams on to victories over Haskell University.  During half-time of both ballgames, the Champion Athletes took the main court and scrimmaged against one another to the cheers of the crowd.


“We look forward to this event every year,” stated men’s basketball head coach Steve Shepherd.  “Champion Athletes is an outstanding organization that truly cares about enriching the lives of everyone with whom they come in contact.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to partner with them in this way.”