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2019-20 Men's Cross Country Roster

Mason Apperson head Shot
Mason Apperson
Business Administration SO. / Roach, MO / Wheatland HS
Sophomore / Roach, MO / Wheatland HS
Mucyo Bangerezako head Shot
Mucyo Bangerezako
Engineering SO. / Columbia, Mo.
Sophomore / Columbia, Mo.
Samuel  Baumer head Shot
Samuel Baumer
Nursing JR. / Columbia, MO / Rock Bridge HS
Junior / Columbia, MO / Rock Bridge HS
David Byrd head Shot
David Byrd
Undecided JR. / Midway, AR
Junior / Midway, AR
Adin Hiebsch head Shot
Adin Hiebsch
Mathematics FR. / Branson, MO / School of the Ozarks HS
Freshman / Branson, MO / School of the Ozarks HS
Cole Jackson head Shot
Cole Jackson
Agriculture Education FR. / Cassville, MO / Cassville HS
Freshman / Cassville, MO / Cassville HS
Wesley  Moore head Shot
Wesley Moore
Biochemistry SO. / Poplar Bluff, MO / Poplar Bluff HS
Sophomore / Poplar Bluff, MO / Poplar Bluff HS
Luke Morrison head Shot
Luke Morrison
Business Administration: Management FR. / Waynesville, MO / Waynesville HS
Freshman / Waynesville, MO / Waynesville HS
Garrett Pierce head Shot
Garrett Pierce
Chemistry SO. / Sandpoint, ID / Sandpoint HS
Sophomore / Sandpoint, ID / Sandpoint HS
Noah Rutledge head Shot
Noah Rutledge
Physical Education:K-12 FR. / Aldrich, MO / Fair Play HS
Freshman / Aldrich, MO / Fair Play HS
Aaron Walker head Shot
Aaron Walker
BT:Christian Apologetics FR. / Gentry, AR / Gentry HS
Freshman / Gentry, AR / Gentry HS

2019-20 Women's Cross Country Roster

Hannah Duncan head Shot
Hannah Duncan
Nursing SR. / Hollister, Mo.
Senior / Hollister, Mo.
Adeline Holder head Shot
Adeline Holder
Elementary Education JR. / Point Lookout, MO / Branson HS
Junior / Point Lookout, MO / Branson HS
Beth Marteney head Shot
Beth Marteney
Nursing JR. / Riley, KS / Homeschool
Junior / Riley, KS / Homeschool
Abigayle Money head Shot
Abigayle Money
English FR. / Buncombe, IL / Homeschool
Freshman / Buncombe, IL / Homeschool
Rachel Myrick head Shot
Rachel Myrick
Nursing FR. / Blue Springs, MO / Foreign
Freshman / Blue Springs, MO / Foreign
Janelle Staal head Shot
Janelle Staal
Nursing FR. / Central City, IA / Homeschool
Freshman / Central City, IA / Homeschool
Mary Zimmerman head Shot
Mary Zimmerman
Sophomore / McCune, KS / Girard HS