November 14, 2016

Bobcats Finish 8th in NCCAA Cross Country Nationals

Cross Country TeamThe Bobcats made their way to Jackson, Mississippi this weekend to participate for the first time in the in the Division I NCCAA Men's Cross Country National Championship,  In Saturday's race, the Bobcats finished in eighth place out of 17 teams--a great achievement for the first team race in national competition.

The Bobcats ran an 8K at Chocktaw Trails in Jackson, posting a team time of 2:18:33.51, 11 minutes behind the first place Dallas Baptist team.

Leading the way for the Bobcats were Jeremy Wood (35th-27:25.72), Joshua Ingalls (44th-27:36.25), Shane York (46th-27:40.94), Loyal Carpenter (52nd-27:47.76), and Jonathan Zimmerman (55th-28:02.84).  Following not far behind were Dameon Davis and Sam Scaggs in the 120-man field.

Congratulations to all members of the Bobcat team and head coach Clint Woods on their many successes this season!