February 17, 2014

WOW! Big Shot at The "K"

Michael QuinSaturday evening at the Keeter Athletic Complex was even more eventful than expected.  Yes, it was Senior Night - a great opportunity to recognize our senior athletes, and yes, the men and women were each playing the #1 team in their conference.  However, the most surprising event of the evening took place at halftime of the men's game.  It was at that time Michael Quin, a 54 year old member of the Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, swished a 3-pointer.  Why was that so surprising?  Well, most likely because Michael is blind!   When the shot went spot-on through the net, the crowd erupted in boisterous praise and ovation!  Mr. Quin won one Extra Value Meal a Week for a Year from Branson-Hollister McDonalds for this feat.   Michael is pictured with Rhonda Hall of McDonalds.  Congratulations, Michael!