February 28, 2014

MCAC Basketball Tournament

MCACThe Lady Bobcats and Bobcats will be playing in the South Division of the MCAC Conference Tournament this weekend at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. The Lady Bobcats will play Friday at 2 pm vs. Central Baptist and the Bobcats will play Friday at 4 PM vs. Central Christian.  Below are the links provided by OKWU to follow the teams:

Live Video: http://www.okwu.edu/athletics/watch/

Live Stats: http://www.dakstats.com/WebSync/Pages/Tournament/TournamentPage.aspx?association=10&sg=MBB&tour=1277

Tournament Page:http://www.dakstats.com/WebSync/Pages/Tournament/TournamentPage.aspx?association=10&sg=WBB&tour=1278