February 15, 2016

Cheer Team & Seniors Recognized

Cheer TeamThe College of the Ozarks' Cheer Team and their parents were recognized between the men's and women's games on Saturday afternoon.  The Cheer Team members and their coach, Layne Wilks, invest a great deal of time and energy not only in cheering for all home basketball competitions, but arriving in the gym at 5:30 AM for practice in order to perform their cheers and stunts with the utmost quality and precision. 

This season's Cheer Team features:  Courtney Berghoff, Rachel Carlyon, Katelyn Crandell, Phillip Dunger, Sidney Jones, Matthew Klika, John Lenhardt, Cheyenne Morgan, Zachary Neal, Savannah Norwine, James O'Boyle, Timothy Paige, Selyna Richardson, Andrew Shepard, Alli Steuck, and Julie Whitaker.

In addition to presenting a special "Star Wars" performance during the men's halftime on Saturday, four senior members of the Cheer Team were recognized.  Cheyenne Morgan is a  public relations major, who works in the daycare.  Savannah Norwine has her work station in the agriculture office and is pursuing a degree in elementary education with an emphasis in early childhood.  Selyna Richardson is also an early childhood education major and works in the daycare.  Julie Whitaker's work station is in the daycare, and she is completing an elementary education degree.  These athletes have been amazing leaders and roles models, each of whom as brought unique gifts and talents to the team.  They will be greatly missed.

Huge thanks go out to the Cheer Team for the great job they do in supporting our teams!