January 06, 2015

Athletic Director Honor Roll Announced

The College of the Ozarks recently announced the Fall 2014 Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, which included an impressive number of Maroon and White Scholars.  The College and its coaches place a strong emphasis on academic success for their athletes.  In addition to their team practices, games or meets, and related travel, Bobcat and Lady Bobcat athletes must manage class attendance, out-of-class assignments, and a 15-hour per week on-campus work assignment.  Student athletes can be found working in the Lyons Memorial Library, Alumni Laundry, Keeter Center, Day Care Center, and numerous other work stations across the campus.

Balancing all of these responsibilities can be difficult, but out of just under 100 athletes, 29 made the White Scholars list with a GPA between 3.0 and 3.49, while 31 achieved recognition as Maroon Scholars, having a GPA of 3.5 or greater!

The teams also have a friendly competition each semester, with the Women’s Cross Country team winning the Team GPA Award with a grade point average of 3.55 for the Fall of 2014.

Congratulations to the following athletes: 


Courtney Berghoff, Cheer Team; Lacey Bricker, Cross Country; Miranda Britain, Cross Country; Hannah Brown, Volleyball; Loyal Carpenter, Cross Country; Morgan Emerich, Cross Country; Jesse Fisher, Baseball; Tag Grisham, Cross Country; Jeremiah Halbert, Cheer Team; Lindsay Heun, Cross Country; Torri Holder, Cross Country; Jonna Hyatt, Cheer Team; Kayla Kepler, Basketball; Sarah Kreul, Volleyball; Pete Leonard, Basketball; Tyler Marion, Baseball; Michael Maxwell, Cross Country; Josh Neufeld, Baseball; Winston Rasmussen, Baseball; Jamie Reaves, Volleyball; Hannah Roche, Cross Country; Cheyenne Sheets, Basketball; Chloe’ Shepherd, Volleyball; Lacey Wabshaw, Cross Country; Madison Wells, Basketball; Austin Wenger, Cross Country; Julie Whitaker, Cheer Team; Grant Williamson, Basketball; Kristen Wilson, Cross Country; Hannah Wisdom, Basketball; Joe Young, Basketball.

WHITE SCHOLARS - 3.00-3.49

Kylie Acklin, Volleyball; Logan Allen, Volleyball; Skyler Frazier, Basketball; Hannah Gilpin, Volleyball; Jordan Graham, Basketball; Colten Hensley, Basketball; Dustin Hunter, Cross Country; Bailey Jester, Cheer Team; Stephen Martin, Cross Country; Caleb Martinez, Cheer Team; Jason Meyers, Baseball; Chris Mitchell, Cross Country; Savannah Norwine, Cheer Team; James O’Boyle, Cheer Team; Cody Pentecost, Baseball; Brandon Pittman, Baseball; Ronnie Ray, Cheer Team; Selyna Richardson, Cheer Team; Caleb Rowold, Baseball; Shelby Roberts, Basketball; Wyatt Saltarelli , Baseball; Lakin Simmerman, Basketball; Canyon Smith, Basketball; Scott Stephens, Baseball; Christian Vonderheide, Baseball; Colton Webber, Baseball; Tyler Whiteis, Baseball; Shelby Wilson, Cross Country; Jenny Wuerffel, Volleyball.