July 02, 2016

22nd Annual Gerald A. Pilz All-Star Game to be Held July 9th

By:  Scott McCaulley

The rosters have been released for the annual Gerald A. Pilz & Friends All-Star Games taking place at the College of the Ozarks Keeter Athletic Complex on Saturday, July 9th.

The same format that has been used the past several years will again be utilized for this year’s event with the Boys and Girls All-Stars being divided into three teams and playing a round-robin schedule with three games each for the Boys and Girls All-Stars. The girls' games will start at 6:00 with the boys' games to follow at around 7:30.

Admission for the games is $5, with the proceeds going to College of the Ozarks Scholarships.

Rosters for the Games are listed below:

Boys Roster 2016

Christian Brown -Rogersville           
Storm Price - Spokane      
Joe Johnson  - Waynesville                              
Reggie Walker - Waynesville                              
Kobe Wands - Rolla
Sam Marshall - Rolla                               
Cade Martin - School of the Ozarks                
Brandt Cochran - Lawrenceville, IL  
Ryan Ward - Hartville                          
Thomas Clifton -  Mtn. Grove                               
Jordan Butterfield - Miller                                        
Grant Beasley - Columbia Hickman                   
Jadaunte Sutton - Columbia Hickman                   
Tanner Gold - Crane          
Collin Gimlin - Sparta
Christian Robbins - West Plains                     
Courtland Yates - Seymour
Josh Breathitt - Fayetteville, AR.               
Wyatt Eubanks - Strafford                                   
Juwuan Bryant  - Lonoke, AR.
Demaunte Youngblood -  Fayetteville AR.    
DeMon Hyler - Belton
Jessey Childress - Southland
Kyle Cavanaugh -  Fair Grove
Dwayne Morton - Waynesville
Michael Crossno - Southland

Mike Wilson
Joe Easter
Blaine Brewington
Kevin Smith
David Kellums
Tony Irons
Kendall Tilley

Girls Roster

Kaycee Gerald - Hillcrest                
Laurnea Jarman - Hillcrest      
Laura Vierkant  - Kickapoo              
Hannah Cantrell - Kickapoo             
Sharon Lopez - Kickapoo             
Teaira Clancy - Glendale     
Keaira Clancy - Glendale     
Morgan Zimmerman - Glendale     
Peyton Greenlee  -  Marshfield           
Amy Abdalla - Greenwood 
Brooke Stanfield - Republic              
Aaliyah Buckley - Parkveiw    
Kallie Bildner - Waynesville         
Madison Strong - Gainsville             
Kallie Rothdiner - Bolivar                 
Jaslyn Williams - Central                 
Aleena Derrossett - Bolivar                  
Shauna Rinehart - St. James              
Halie Allred - Hollister      
Jessica Estes - Miller                    
Cassandra Andreatta - Blue Eye            
Emmalee Taylor - Valley Springs, AR
Ashley Forest - Branson      
Jamie Shrum - Washburn             
Lexie Vaught  - Crane          
Justeen Mahan - Crane          
Shelby Roder - Crane         
Kylee Moore - Crane            
Mikalyn Callahan - Lebanon   

Jeni Hopkins         
Lynn Long             
Ken Elfrink           
Steve Frank           
Jerry Songer           
Eric Shaw              
Jeff Williams          
Bobby Spencer      
Gary Gorman