March 16, 2018

Kapella Posts Qualifying NCCAA Jump in First Meet

Miles Mrowiec warming up for the javelin throwMiles Mrowiec

College of the Ozarks men’s track and field team opened up their 2018 season on Thursday in the Southwestern Invitational in Winfield, Kansas.

This year’s team features runners, jumpers and throwers!  The team competed in races from 100 meters through 5,000 meters, hurdles, steeplechase, a 4x400 relay, high jump, long jump, and even throwing the javelin.

 “Overall, it was a great meet for everyone,” stated Head Coach Kenzie Larkin.  “We all learned something from this meet.  We have some adjustments to make as far as placing athletes in specific events.  As a coach, it is my goal to put the athletes in an event where they will have the most success.  This meet helped our coaching staff assess where we are and where we need to focus our attention.”

Thursday featured the first-ever meet for Miles Mrowiec, who played baseball in high school but decided to give collegiate track and field a try.  Mrowiec competed in the 100 and 200 meter races, was a member of the 4x400 relay team, and threw the javelin.  Also in the category of “firsts,” this was the first collegiate meet for Ty Durnell and Seth Thompson, who had not competed since high school.  It was also Durnell’s first time throwing the javelin.

Kyle Kapella, who was a member of the track and field team in their debut 2017 season, highlighted his day by placing 2nd in the high jump, reaching 6’5.5” and automatically qualifying for NCCAA National Championship participation in his first meet of the season.

“With this being the first meet of the season, and the first collegiate meet for several of the athletes, there were nerves and jitters,” commented Larkin. “I am very proud of the team’s commitment and hard work thus far this season and am excited to see what the remainder of the season will bring.”

Results of CofO men are listed below.  For a full set of results, click here.

100 Meters

                Ryan Vance                     #38/42                  11.64

                Miles Mrowiec                  #41/42                  12.07

200 Meters

                Miles Mrowiec                  #36/38                  24.75

                Kyle Kapella                     #38/38                  25.01

800 Meters

                Sam Scaggs                     #13/30                  2:05.25

                Ty Durnell                         #22/30                  2:17.37

1500 Meters

                Ty Durnell                         #29/36                  4:50.41

5000 Meters

                Preston Burgess              #13/25                  16:54.69

400 Hurdles

                Seth Thompson                #11/11                  1:05.11

300 Steeplechase

                Preston Burgess               #7/8                     10:32.88

4x400 Relay

                Seth Thompson, Miles Mrowiec, Sam Scaggs, & Kyle Kapella

                                                          #11/13                  3:42.74

High Jump

                Kyle Kapella                      #2/17                    6’5.5”

Long Jump

                Ryan Vance                       #24/31                  19’8”


                Ty Durnell                          #15/24                  129’7”

                Miles Mrowiec                   #18/24                  121’8”