November 18, 2017

Baumer, Carpenter & Burgess Rep CofO at Nationals

Loyal Carpenter, Sam Baumer, and Preston Burgess had the opportunity to represent College of the Ozarks in Washington State this week, as they qualified to run in the NAIA Men’s Cross Country National Championship on Saturday. 

The 8K race took place at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in Vancouver, Washington, and featured 328 of the best runners from colleges and universities across the country.

Baumer, a freshman, has led his team in all of their competitions this season.  In Saturday’s event, Sam finished in 157th place with a time of 26:41.  Burgess, also a freshman, crossed the finish line with a time of 27:34 (248th).  Carpenter, who has run for the Bobcats all four seasons since the program was reinstated, finished the race in 313th place with a time of 30:04.

Congratulations to these three gentlemen on a great season!